Posted by Saydi Tillman , Tuesday, May 28, 2013 9:58 AM

YES. This is happening....

Brandon & I think blogs are fun so we're starting one. I'm sure it will mostly be me posting on here but that is fine. We figured it would be nice especially for our families since they are all states away from us. Family and friends can keep up with what is going on in our lives.

Our first update? Sure. Lets get started...

There is a lot going on for both of us since we're juggling school and work, even through the summer. Fall semester will be my last so I'm trying to get through summer and move on to the beginning of the end. I'm really excited but exhausted. I haven't taken a break from school since I moved out to Utah in May 2011! The nice thing is that my last semester will only consist of TWO classes. Yay! Brandon on the other hand has a few years left since he didn't go to school before going on his mission (oops!) but he has been working so hard & stacking up classes every semester. He got his Associates degree from Mountain View College so he is working on his Bachelors at Utah Valley University. We're both just ready to be done with school. Senioritis for me.... Brandon is just done with homework. Haha.

Our schedules keep us here when we dream of going on a vacation... somewhere far, somewhere new. Oh, do we need a vacation! *Donations will be accepted* ;) haha

Anyway... after almost 7 months, our little basement feels like home now. Ironically, we'll be moving at the end of summer. Put it all together just to take it apart. Haha! Oh well.. that is life, isn't it? I love our little cave but I'm ready to move on. I can't even believe we're coming up on our 7th month of marriage. We're almost to a year! Where does the time go? Jeez.

Well... this is it for now! :)

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