Change is our friend.

Posted by Saydi Tillman , Tuesday, July 2, 2013 9:52 AM

*WARNING. I'm not as funny as Brandon. so you won't be laughing out loud for this one ;)

If you don't know already, we're moving back to Dallas in THREE WEEKS! We're both super excited. (not excited for the 18 hour drive or paying for a u-haul but....) We 're so anxious to just get our stuff & go! Oh, change. How much I welcome it right now. While others hate change, I have learned to enjoy it. This change is especially exciting! We have been wanting to move back for a lonnnnnnnng time. We had lunch with this family in our ward on Sunday and realized we have been here for way too long. We both moved to Utah in 2011! What the heck are we still doing here?! haha In honor of our move, we have decided to make a list of why we're excited about living in Texas.

Brandon's List:
1. Whataburger
2. Real BBQ
3. Lakes
4. Fishing
5. Family
6. Chicken Express
7. Popeye's Tuesday Special (apparently Utah's one & only Popeye's doesn't honor this)
8. Mavericks games
9. Rangers games
10. Jack in The Box

My list:
1. It's not Utah
2. There are things to do (besides Trafalga)
3. If it snows... everything shuts down!

So there you have it.... Texas, here we come!

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