Slave labor...

Posted by Brandon Tillman , Saturday, June 1, 2013 8:04 AM

Some people find themselves dedicated to different things. For some it's sports teams, for others it's their favorite restaurant. And for most it should be and is their families. Well let me tell you what I'm dedicated to..... My job.

This is the part where everyone can make fun of me. I'll wait til you're all done. 

Oh let's say about 180 years ago, I would've been the best slave you ever did see. Loyal, hardworking, never talks back, and always there doing my job. All the other slaves think: i hates the food, I hates my hut, I hates the masta, I hates the work, and I definitely hates being a slave! But no, not me I love it! All the other slaves want to riot and escape. They wanna be free they say. Well I say I have a good life and I don't need to be free. Why on earth would a slave say that?!? well thats because the slave doesnt really understand that hes a slave. And Well... All that changed today, because today I realized that I was in-very-deed a slave!

Reason number one: I work without question
Work: Brandon its gonna be really busy tomorrow and we really need to some help.
Brandon: Of course ill come in early tomorrow and help out, I'd love too! Ill just work a 12hr shift. It's gonna help everyone out.

Reason number two: they feed me 
Work: we knows its been really busy so we brought you all some food to make it all better
Brandon: oh I love pizza! (i really do :) ) thanks for my two slices. They'll make the dizziness and pain in my head go right away!

Reason number three: im afraid of the whip
Work: we know you don't feel good, but strap in and keep on working!
Brandon: of course I don't want my ranking or your opinion of me to drop, ill get right on it
(Passes out from exhaustion)

Today was rough, I worked really hard and I felt awful afterwards. I tired to think why I did it, but all I could think of, and feel, was the throbbing pain in my brain. I think I told myself I was talking care of my family. I think I told myself ill have a really good paycheck. But what I should've told myself was: you're a slave fool! But you know what that's ok because I like my job and I like the people I work with. Its actually a really great place to work and i like it. Sometimes, like any job, it can suck. But that's life and I deal with it. And besides all the other slaves rioted and tried to escape and what happened to them?? Huh?!?!? Well I don't know, haven't actually heard from them. But that's ok! I'm here and I like it. I got everything I need right here at the plantation, I mean work. And maybe I am a slave! But I like my life. It's a good one and its mine. Maybe one day ill want to be free and runaway, but today isn't that day. Today I just realized I was a slave. But that's ok, my wife likes to take my socks off at night and say: look at them slave feet. So there you go..

Tomorrow at noon, right on the dot, guess where I'll be. Yea you guessed it... Work 

(I hope they bring us wings tomorrow!!!)

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bee0058a-d760-11e2-ac0e-000f20980440 Says:

yeah!!! slave!! tilly willy!!!!
I've met white people blacker then you, you aint no slave.

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